Récits de Mathieu Mestokosho, chasseur innu
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Récits de Mathieu Mestokosho, chasseur innu

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In 1970, the young anthropologist Serge Bouchard recorded the words of Mathieu Mestokosho, an innu hunter from Labrador and the Mingan region who died in 1980 nearly at the age of one hundred. Through his words, it is an ancient world that comes to life, a world belonging to the children of the land of Cain which the European colonists had forsaken. Luckily for us, Mathieu Mestokosho’s stories allow us to reappropriate—belatedly, it is true—a part of our cultural heritage that would have been lost forever.

  • Authors : Serge Bouchard, Gérard Bouchard & Mathieu Mestokosho 
  • Published  by Éditions Boréal
  • Only available in French 
  • Format : Paperback 
  • 200 pages
  • ISBN 9782764603222

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