Inuit Herbal Tea: Assorted Flavours
Inuit Herbal Tea: Assorted Flavours
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Inuit Herbal Tea: Assorted Flavours

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Five different flavors from Nunavik, all in a useful assortment. Discover the rich inuit culture with these northern traditionnal herbal teas.

Arctic blend : This tea was used to treat stomach pain and gastric disorders. The great yellow color comes with strong conifer aromas.

Cloudberry : The amber infusion has a taste resembling maple. A unique and superb herbal tea, with typical and pleasant aromas.

Ground juniper : This golden yellow infusion has a camphorated taste with subtle lemon-mint aromas.

Crowberry : With its strong purple color, this infusion reveals fruity aromas. The taste is slightly acid and astringent.

Labrador : Without any doubts the most common herb tea in all inuit history! It was originally used to treat respiratory problems, bleedings, and almost any kind of pain.

Ingredients: Crowberry tea, juniper tea, Arctic mix tea, cloudberry tea, and Labrador tea. For more details on ingredients, see each tea separately.

Contains: 20 tea bags of 1.5g

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