Annie Muktuk and other Stories
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Annie Muktuk and other Stories

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When Sedna feels the urge, she reaches out from the Land of the Dead to where Kakoot waits in hospital to depart from the Land of the Living. What ensues is a struggle for life and death and identity. In “Kakoot” and throughout this audacious collection of short stories, Norma Dunning makes the interplay between contemporary realities and experiences and Inuit cosmology seem deceptively easy. The stories are raucous and funny and resonate with raw honesty. Each eye-opening narrative twist in Annie Muktuk and Other Stories challenges readers’ perceptions of who Inuit people are.
  • Author : Norma Dunning
  • Published by the Univesity of Press Alberta
  • Language : English 
  • Format : Paperback
  • ISBN 9781772122978

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