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Illusions: The Art of Magic (English version)

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Exhibition catalog created for the McCord Museum's exhibition Illusions- the Art of Magic

This book features 230 posters from the Golden Age of Magic, an era when the Herrmanns, Kellar, Thurston and, of course, Houdini were among the most popular entertainers in the world. Their vivid colours and phantasmagoric images were designed to ignite the imagination and draw passers-by to the show. Many of the posters illustrated in this volume are extremely rare. They come from the Allan Slaight Collection, an exceptional assemblage of posters and Houdini-related documents that is now part of the McCord Museum collection in Montreal. In addition, the essays in this publication offer some novel perspectives on the world of magic and the production process behind these posters that are now considered veritable works of art. Illusions – The Art of Magic complements the 2017 exhibition of the same name presented at the McCord Museum in Montréal.

  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13:  9788874397587
  • Publisher:  McCord Museum
  • Dimensions: 32 x 3 x 26 cm


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